Onyx | A Powerful Multi-Concept Business Theme
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For the first time on ThemeForest

We’ve taken our carefully designed demos and, by simply modifying their core colors and images, completely changed the atmosphere and overall feel of each one.  The result – 12 ready-to-go demo sites in 5 distinct variants, each suited for a particular business use. Check them all out below and find the perfect one for you.


Real estate, Interior design, Bars, Restaurants, Cafes, Household appliances, Home decor, Furniture, Catering

Design, Advertising, Marketing, Clothing, Gadgets, Toys, Urban shops, Photography, Social Media, Traditional Media

Finance, Security, Corporate, Software publishing, Market research, Public relations, Telecommunication, Distribution, Agriculture, Wholesale, Banking, Publishing, Import/Export

Architecture, Engineering, Mechanical and Electric, Construction work, Metalworking, Plumbing, Carpentry

Medical, Scientific consulting, Education, Nutrition, Dentistry, Medical imaging, Nursing care, Medical research, Physical therapy, Psychiatry, Pharmacy

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